Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Foreign Student Conditions


This sample regulation outlines the general framework for the admission of foreign and international students at Türkiye Mimar Sinan University. The regulation covers the purpose, scope, legal basis, application conditions, evaluation, registration, Turkish proficiency certificate, and various provisions. Such regulations aim to manage the student admission process transparently and fairly by establishing guidelines for application and acceptance procedures.

To access the source page for the FOREIGN STUDENT ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, click here.

Purpose: This regulation is created to organize the admission of foreign and/or international students to the associate and undergraduate programs of Mimar Sinan University.

Scope: The regulation covers the applications of foreign and/or international students to Mimar Sinan University, as well as the admission and registration conditions related to these processes.

Legal Basis: This regulation is prepared based on Article 14/f of Law No. 6287, the “Principles Regarding the Admission of Students from Abroad” determined by the Council of Higher Education, and relevant legislative provisions.

Definitions: Terms used in this regulation:

  • Candidate Student: A student applying to MSU from abroad and/or of foreign nationality.
  • Academic Unit: Faculty, conservatory, vocational school, vocational higher school, and departments affiliated with the Rectorate.
  • MSU: Mimar Sinan University.
  • Relevant Board of Directors: Faculty, conservatory, or vocational school board of directors.
  • Program: Associate and undergraduate education programs.
  • Senate: MSU Senate.
  • University: Mimar Sinan University.
  • University Board of Directors: MSU Board of Directors.

PART TWO: General Principles

General Principles:

  1. The quotas for the admission of foreign students for each academic year are determined by the relevant academic units’ proposals and approved by the Senate.
  2. The university is free to fill or not fill the announced quotas.
  3. Applicants can choose up to 3 programs.
  4. The tuition fee for accepted international students is determined by the University Board of Directors.

PART THREE: Application

Application Conditions:

  1. Applicants must provide an “Equivalency Certificate” from the Ministry of National Education or the Turkish Embassy.
  2. Applications are accepted by MSU within the specified dates.

Accepted Exams and Minimum Scores for Application:

  1. Candidates must achieve the minimum scores required for the exam corresponding to the program type they apply for.
  2. For programs requiring a special talent exam, the results of the special talent exam are also considered.

Required Documents for Application:

  1. High school diploma, equivalency certificate, official document for candidates graduating.
  2. Document showing high school graduation grade point average.
  3. Passport, passport-size photo, additional documents requested for the applied program.
  4. Turkish translations of documents in foreign languages.

PART FOUR: Evaluation and Registration

Foreign Student Admission Committee, Application Evaluation, and Right to Register:

  1. A Foreign Student Admission Committee is formed for evaluation.
  2. Applications are evaluated based on national and international exam successes, diploma grades, and other criteria.
  3. Successful candidates gain the right to register and complete their applications on the specified dates.


  1. All required documents must be submitted for registration.
  2. Failure to register or submission of incomplete documents results in the loss of registration rights.

Turkish Proficiency Certificate:

  1. A Turkish proficiency certificate is required for candidates to definitively register.
  2. The document must demonstrate Turkish language proficiency at the C1 level.
  3. Candidates unable to meet Turkish proficiency requirements are allowed time to receive Turkish language education.

PART FIVE: Miscellaneous and Final Provisions

In Cases Not Covered by the Regulation: In cases not covered by this regulation, University Regulations on Education and related legislative provisions shall apply.

Effective Date: This regulation enters into force on the date it is approved by the University Board of Directors.

Execution: The provisions of this regulation are executed by the Rector of Mimar Sinan University.

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